Analogue Chic is how I describe my style.  I'm a stylist and designer, a fashion freak with a subversive streak.  I believe that fashion should be fun and fortifying, not mean or oppressive.

About Me

I'm Allie, a Connecticut native, a true Yankee with a cosmopolitan streak that loves travel, the arts, and irreverent fun.

I've been sewing and playing with fabric since I was pretty young, and elaborate make-believe games with costumes and props were my favorite playtime activity. My mom and grandma taught me the basics of sewing, knitting and crochet, and I was addicted to the "History of Fashion" section at our local library.

Then I got political. I got really passionate about human rights and social justice in high school, and majored in International Affairs and Anthropology in college. I had somehow convinced myself that fashion was frivolous. And at that time, I hadn't been shown any viable examples of how to have a fashion career without getting sucked into the commercial, cut-throat industry centered in New York.

But major stress from my job in refugee services, and some deep soul-searching brought on by my quarter-life crisis, brought me back full circle with a commitment to my creative passion. Developments in the interwebz (blogs, Etsy.com, Facebook, etc.), and a do-or-die commitment to make a Living, not just have a job, revealed a lot of possibilities to me.

About Analogue Chic

an a log : a mechanism in which data is represented by continuously variable physical quantities; an organ or part similar in function to an organ or part of another animal or plant but different in structure and origin

chic : smart elegance and sophistication especially of dress or manner


  • I create handbags and accessories from upcycled fabrics, and I curate a collection of vintage accessories and apparel, all available in my Etsy shop.  My work has been noticed by local media, bloggers and other Etsy designers– see my press clippings.
  • I provide wardrobe consulting services for women to liberate them from the fashion meanies in the media and in their heads.  You have your style and I have mine, but I work for you.
  • I also work with other fashion professionals by providing wardrobe styling for photo shoots and other projects. 
  • I'm a Parsons-trained fashion designer.
  • Occasionally, I write about fashion for The Mercurial.
  • I also write about fashion in my blog, where I post interesting news about indie fashion, thrift shopping, vintage, DIY, sustainability, and healthy self-development, as well as updates on my projects, local (Connecticut) fashion, and things that inspire me.
  • More about me here.


My style

My design perspective is based on love of clothes and textiles.  I’m very inspired by historical costume and vintage, and traditional fabrics and styles from around the world. I have a very open minded, cosmopolitan view, and nothing is devoid of inspiration for me.

My style is heavily influenced by fashion from 1915-1960, as well as uniforms and workwear.  I'm big on colors and prints. I love people, quite simply, and I believe in the beauty of all women and girls, regardless of age, skin color, weight, or income.  I feel strongly about positive body image, and I relish working with all colors, shapes, sizes, ages, and orientations.

My production methods reflect my concern for the environment and for producers, and I prefer fabrics and trimmings that are environmentally sustainable and socially responsible.

In a digital world, I'm still in love with ink on paper, hand stitching, and the beauty of imperfection.  Hence, Analogue Chic.


Contact Me

Email : Allie @ AnalogueChic . com

Phone : 203 . 794 . 4195

Facebook : Facebook.com/Analogue Chic

Twitter : Follow me. Or don't. It's cool.

Want to hire me? Choose your adventure here.


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  1. Christina says:

    Sorry it's been so long since I visited your awesome site. Congrats on the Design Blog Off award, too!