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A natural result of the lively response to the styles of the Best Exotic Marigold Hotel films, I'm building a new lifestyle brand:

electric buttercup

I'm starting small here on Analogue Chic, curating Best Exotic Style through partnerships with brands I hope you know and love (shop here!).

Where we go from there depends on you! Please don't be shy with comments and emails, your feedback will be the bricks in the foundation of this love-palace!

Play along on Instagram too, @Electric.Buttercup

What about Analogue Chic?!

I'm (still) working on the official Analogue Chic zine— the best of The Blogue and more, in a beautiful, glossy magazine format:

  • How-to's

  • Style tips

  • Inspiration

Pre-order info coming soon!

Stay in touch here on and elsewhere on the tubes, especially Facebook and Instagram.




9 thoughts on “Personal Styling

  1. "There is power in what we wear" .. SO true. Fashion nowadays is marketed as "you're worthless unless you buy this to look good". We need more people spreading your message!

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