Honorary Analoguette: Melissa McCarthy

January 13, 2015 in DIY, Fashion, Girl Crush, Personalities, Style, Sustainability by alliemcc

If you've been reading this blogue for a while, you know I don't give a hoot about awards shows or celebrity worship of any kind (except for our patron saints, Saint Carole, Saint Katharine, and Saint Lauren, amen).

But occasionally, some fantastic lady who happens to be famous will wear something I really like.

This time it's the Golden Globes, and we need to talk about Melissa McCarthy. 

Melissa-DIY-Red-Carpet-Hilarious-Beautiful-Actress McCarthy

melissa mccarthy golden globes look

Photo via The Daily Mail.


Melissa (and/or her stylist– she's a busy lady, we're not judging) reportedly hacked together this dress from separates she already owned! 

It's a playful, menswear-inspired twist on a formal gown. AND SHE WORE RED SHOES! I mean, come on!

It's a time-tested formula, and she rocked it for her petite-plus shape. She kept all the interest above the waist, pared down the jewelry, and smoothed out her lovely lady lumps with a long, tiered skirt.

Honorary Analoguette Checklist:

  1. menswear inspired
  2. black and (almost) white (OK, it's blush pink.)
  3. red shoes
  4. DIY
  5. sass

Melissa has hinted at creating her own fashion line in the past, and it seems like it's in the pipeline for this fall! She apparently started courses at FIT, but dropped out to do stand-up, and the rest is history. So this celebrity fashion line will be the real deal, not just a licensing deal. Can't wait!

Meanwhile, I put together some resources if you want to try this look for yourself.

This blouse at Lane Bryant was the closest thing I could find to Melissa's satiny blouse. It has an interesting ruffled collar and flattering 3/4 sleeves. And it's from Pendleton = better quality than the usual LB.

I also thought this print blouse from LB would be a fun option.

ASOS Curve has a plethora of lovely black skirts for you to work.

ASOS also has a nice variety of bowties to choose from.

asos bow tie