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May 24, 2014 in Self-Health, Style by alliemcc

Links I liked this the last couple of weeks.

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Andy Warhol's early digital art.

Some intrepid artists, museum professionals, and computer nerds discovered new-to-us works by Warhol that he created on an early-80s Amiga home computer. Click through for the video demo (with Debbie Harry!) that started the search.

warhol aphrodite


Make like Madeleine Albright and wear your brooch collection. All of it. At once.

I loved this NPR interview with Secretary Albright when her book came out. And recently I found this image on Pinterest, which I think is really great styling inspiration.


brooches neckline


A cool behind-the-scenes at Burt's Bees.

Elle Magazine gives us the scoop, from the hive to the tube.

burts bees log hive


Danielle LaPorte has some tips on how to unplug and unwind.

"Just one small analogue choice a week can silence, soothe, and interrupt patterns that need positive interruptions. You can do it. You must. To cool your mind, to feel your own rhythm. To hear your thoughts. To let life find you in-between."