Hangers 101

May 20, 2014 in Style by alliemcc

Received a Facebook cry for help from a friend IRL*, so I wanted to share some tips and tricks on the utilitarian, yet essential clothes hanger.

neon hangers

  • Try WardrobeSupplies.com for clippy hangers — they're called pant/skirt hangers.
  • As far as dents in shoulders, are these knit/jersey tops? Better to fold them and put them on a shelf. 
  • Otherwise, look at Wardrobe Supplies for shirt hangers in different sizes to match your shoulder measurements. I'm very small in the back, so I actually buy kids' hangers sometimes.
  • Try to invest in some with a thicker profile, or even padded, to reduce the stress on shoulders. You can do this piecemeal, as your budget allows. :)
  • Velvet/flocked hangers will allow you to sort of hike up the collar on the hanger so that the weight of the shirt isn't hanging off the shoulder point, but these tend to be really wide, leading to shoulder creases and stretching, regardless.
  • There are also rubbery attachments that can be attached to the ends for this purpose. In a pinch, wrap a rubber band around the ends to keep the fabric from slipping.
  • When I'm out at thrift stores or tag sales, I always snatch up old wooden hangers to swap out.
  • NEVER EVER hang on to the wire hangers from the cleaner. Always switch your clothes onto a more substantial hanger at home, asap! Then bring the wire ones back to the cleaner for recycling. :)

*(in real life)


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