Prom Panic

March 15, 2014 in Style, Sustainability by alliemcc

Overheard a mom stressing about planning for her daughter's first prom when I was at a Dr's appointment the other day.

She was worried about their budget for the dress, and her daughter having a meltdown the day of, and her having to take the whole day off work to help her get ready…

Everybody take a deep breath…. and let it out slow…


rockwell prom_dress

Norman Rockwell, Prom Dress


Let's be honest, many (most?) girls have spent a LOT of time thinking about prom WAY before it gets close. That's more than half the battle.

Daughter-Dear should do research in magazines and online to narrow down some dress styles and some hair and makeup. Focus on colors and silhouettes of dresses, rather than the full package, so no one's disappointed if you can't get that exact dress on page 247 of TeenGlamShop Magazine.


Where NOT to spend gobs of money on a single-use dress:

1. Secondhand prom dress sales— these events are cropping up in a lot of towns, usually arranged by community organizations, right around this time of year. Get an almost-new dress, plus shoes, bag, and a wrap, for less than you'd spend on weekly groceries. Expect to spend a few dollars extra on alterations to get the fit just right.

2. Consignment shops and online consignment sites— get to Googling.

3. Rent-the-Runway (which I've mentioned here before) and other online rental sites— not just for tuxes anymore! Wallet-friendly, closet-space-friendly, and up to the second trends.


How NOT to spend gobs of money on hair & makeup:

1. DIY. Youtube videos will guide you through it.

2. Cosmetology schools.

3. Friends. There may be that one girl at school who is a budding makeup artist. Or one of Mom's friends/neighbors/coworkers who has a steady hand.

NOTE: Skip the tanning booth/spray/bronzer. Trust me.


How NOT to have a miserable prom:

1. Take lots of pictures.

2. Keep the dress, hair, makeup, and especially the shoes, simple.

3. Dance your ass off.

4. Drink lots of water.

5. Call your parents before and after you get in a car, every time you get in a car that night.