Dark Lipstick for Dark Times

March 13, 2014 in Style by alliemcc

Just a reminder: it's still winter. There are not-insignificant piles of snow still bordering my New England parking area. And there's a chance of snow this week.

louise brooks silent film pandoras box

Louise Brooks in Pandora's Box, via Nitehawk Hatched.

Dark times, indeed.

To get me through the last few weeks of misery, I like to strap on my baddest boots, and swipe on some dark lipstick. (It's like whistling in the dark, really.)


With any of these, you can wear them as is, in a light layer or two for a nice stain effect.

Or to go full-on bad-girl, pat concealer on your mouth and let it dry first, then use a lip brush to fill in your lips and get a nice deep color. (To avoid infecting yourself, get a brand new concealer just for this purpose, don't use the stuff you put on your eyes.)


I didn't start wearing lipstick until a couple of years ago, and almost immediately found out how toxic mass-market lipstick is.

So here are my picks for less-toxic, you-can-almost-eat-it (but probably shouldn't anyway), lipstick for the dead of winter (or whenever the hell you want).


Easy and breezy: Burt's Bees Lip Shimmer in Plum

It's basically a tinted lip balm, with a hint of peppermint, plenty of moisture, and a lot of pigment. You can go easy, for just a stain, or draw it on carefully, for serious color. Not too glossy, not too matte.


The Middle Path: Colorganics Hemp Lipstick in Ruby

A nice matte lipstick with a lot of gloss built-in, in a dark-berry shade, a little on the red side. Like the Burt's, you can get a nice, light stain effect, or build up layers. But the gloss is a little too much for my taste– this stuff does move around a lot.


Big Bad Bertha: Portland Black Lipstick Co's Artificial Amethyst

This is not for kids. This for bold, bad, grown-up goth girls. A real-deal, highly pigmented lipstick, handmade by Kim (originally from CT, and very charming to e-mail with!). Poured into a lip-balm type container, rather than a traditional bullet-type case (true story), you'll need a lip brush for this one. And a base layer of lip balm, too, it is that matte. PoBlaLiCo's product is heavy on black, and taken up a few notches with purpley hues and the slightest shimmer. Also a great base to go underneath either the Burt's or Colorganics, for staying power.