No Big Deal*: Plus-size fashion for the 1st time ever at New York Fashion Week

August 29, 2013 in Costume, Design, Fashion, Personalities, Style, The Business of Fashion by alliemcc



*Actually a Big Deal. Literally and figuratively.

blog cabiria floral dress

Anna dress in Giant Peony, at Cabiria

The times are a-changing. There's a lot of moving and shaking going on in the world of plus-sized fashion these days. More and more mainstream, "standard size" brands are finally expanding their sizing to accommodate larger ladies, and the choices for plus-sized shoppers are actually getting better in quality and style.

Full-Figured Fashion Week has been around for a while, but it's held separately from the major runway shows and presentations of New York Fashion Week – effectively in its own little chubby ghetto, physically apart and on an off-schedule, away from the mainstream fashion press, editors, and buyers who attend the majority of shows in Spring and Fall.

This year, that segregation ends.

Up-and-coming indie plus-size line Cabiria, designed by the charming Eden Miller (we're friends on Facebook!), is showing in the tents at Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week.**

**Like I said.

Cabiria is a line of dresses, sized 12 to 24, fabricated in high-end silks and cottons– no nasty, sweaty polyester, thankyouverymuch. Eden's inspiration for the line was the costuming in the films of Federico Fellini, and the surrealist style of designer Elsa Schiaparelli – coincidentally two of my own major influences. (I dream about the costumes in Juliet of the Spirits…)

blog fellini juliet of the spirits

Still from Juliet of the Spirits, via Tout Ceci Est Magnifique

I actually wish I was a size 12 so I could wear this stuff– or that she one day does a diffusion line in smaller sizes. (What a coup that would be! "Oh, yeah, I guess we could produce something cheap and accessible for standard-size girls. sigh+eyeroll …") 

Eden says in her film that the styling is not retro, but I disagree– it's not a slave to historical accuracy but, in my eyes, it definitely takes a lot of inspiration from the eras of the past that were figure-flattering to curvy women's bodies. Ain't no shame in that.

On top of the universally flattering fit-and-flare silhouettes, Eden selects the most fun, modern, colorful prints that work in every possible scenario, from the office, to parties, to date night. And, from what I can tell, they all have pockets!

Eden is an award-winning costume designer for TV and films, and is currently in production on the show Alpha House, so she knows from bodies, and fabrics, and color. 

Happily, Cabiria's been getting a TON of press in the run-up to NYFW. Hopefully we'll be able to watch the show from the comfort of Youtube

The first fatty model-stomp drops on September 6! Mark your calendar. Till then, learn all you ever wanted to know about Eden Miller and Cabiria here on her site

Hurry up and buy your original Cabiria piece from the first season so you can say you knew about it before it was famous. Then you can pass the original, collectible, highly-coveted dress down to your daughter in 20 years.

DISCLAIMER: This is totally not an ad or a compensated placement in any way. I get really excited when I see other smart, thoughtful designers with a sense of humor execute on something that I wish I had pulled off. I think a lot about doing a plus-sized line, and I could totally see myself coming up with something that looks a lot like Cabiria. Eden is doing everything that I believe in as a designer: fabric quality, details, color, print, did I mention POCKETS? And, if I'm not mistaken, producing it all in the US of A! She's the kind of designer that I would actually work for free for (read: intern) because I completely support what she's doing and I want her to succeed. That's a rare find for me, which is why I don't often do designer/brand profiles on this blog. That is all. xoxo Allie