Lobster love.

June 28, 2013 in Design, Fashion by alliemcc

I don't know what it is, but lobster-motif style has been bombarding me lately!

I've always had a thing for the weird-looking (and tasty) crustacean. For some reason, I wanted a plush lobster toy as a toddler when my family took a vacation on Cape Cod– and my parents obliged.

That said, I will fully admit to not knowing how to properly eat a lobster. About 10 years ago, my family decided to have lobster for Thanksgiving– and not only was it messy, but us kids were totally grossed out by dissecting the poor things. It's something on my list to master, now that I'm a grown up.

Meanwhile, I'm really into lobsters as a visual motif. I always associate them with summer, and New England, my home turf. 

A couple of weeks ago, I saw this great cover art on an ambient track by Bjorn Olsson. Although I now stand corrected, this features a crayfish. 

blog bjorn olsson crayfish

This other album features a lobster graphic:

blog bjorn olsson lobster

Then in Savannah, I saw this very clever sign:

tubbys full size

I'm sure there are tons of clever, lobster-centric restaurant signs in seaside towns throughout the country.

Later, I found this lingerie editorial:

lobster editorial nadia lee

(Photo by Nadia Lee)

And of course, I've always loved this Schiaparelli dress, a collaboration with Salvador Dali who suggested that Wallis Simpson smear actual mayonnaise on it when she wore it.


(Left, photograph of Wallis Simpson by Cecil Beaton, 1937; the dress in the collection of the Philadelphia Museum of Art.)

Philip Treacy created this bodacious cocktail hat for Lady Gaga to wear in 2010.

philip treacy lobster hatAlthough a similar hat was previously worn by Isabella Blow. (There is a great gallery of ocean-inspired fashion here.)

And the B-52s created this fantastic song in tribute to the crustacean:

And then, I was reading Andy Warhol's book, The Philosophy of Andy Warhol, and he offers this:

The red lobster's beauty only comes out when it's dropped into the boiling water … and nature changes things and carbon is turned into diamonds and dirt is gold… and wearing a ring in your nose is gorgeous.

which I just love.