Help this important ethical fashion startup!

May 28, 2013 in Fashion, Social Responsibility, Sustainability, The Business of Fashion by alliemcc

If, like me, you have longed for the day when ethical, sustainable fashion is:

  1. readily available
  2. at a variety of pricepoints
  3. and actually stylish,

the wait is over. is in the house, and they are off to a great start doing great things.


Dress by Upstate, available here.

With the recent news of the factory tragedies in Bangladesh and Cambodia, it is now more critical than ever. We cannot keep taxing our environment and our fellow man in the name of cheap throwaway fashion. 
But for the sustainable fashion revolution to really take hold on a widespread scale, we as conscious consumers need a trusted and recognized destination where we can go to find clothing that fits our values without sacrificing on style. 
To be the recognized destination for the socially conscious consumer requires thousands of dollars to market our site, build brand recognition and gain new customers. That is why I hope you will join us by contributing to and sharing our campaign so that we can make Modavanti an even better site that continues to provide the best sustainable fashion brands.
Even $10 will make a huge difference. If you can't contribute, sharing our campaign on your Facebook page and forwarding this email to 10 friends is a big help as well!


No yoga gear here, my friends! Just beautiful, modern, fashionable clothing and accessories that you will actually wear.



Bucket bag by Lalesso, available here.

If you can, please contribute to their new Indigogo campaign to help them grow.

I am a big supporter of what they are doing. I have met David and Adam of the founding team, and I can absolutely vouch for their intelligence, sincerity, and sweet personalities.

And be sure to pass it on to your fellow stylish, conscious fashion lovers. Thanks <3