XX XY Y Y — Why?!

March 27, 2013 in Fashion, Self-Health, Social Responsibility, Style by alliemcc

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blog baby sweater

Handknit baby jumper by JMackCrafts on Etsy. (I think she also made this baby. Talented!–Update: Confirmed!)

Just heard 2 (two!) appalling cases of gender-stereotype-conditioning at the yarn shop (of all places):

1. A mom is with her little boy, shopping for yarn to make him a new sweater.

"What color sweater do you want for next year?"


"You silly boy!"


"You want a sweater like so-and-so (presumably a girl)?!" etc.

2. I am checking out with several skeins of bright contrasting yarns, some for myself and some for a class project. The class project, as I describe it to the clerk, is "a sample garment, basically a baby sweater." Clerk: "That looks like a girl sweater. Are you going to make a boy sweater too?"

I just started reading A New Earth by Eckart Tolle, who (so far) describes our identification and attachment with material objects and concepts as an obstacle to "a truly fulfilling existence":

Identification with gender is encouraged at an early age, and it forces you into a role, into conditioned patterns of behavior that affect all aspects of your life, not just sexuality. It is a role many people become completely trapped in […] Life's fulfillment is perceived to be fulfillment of one's gender identity.

If you've graduated from 6th grade, you've probably concluded, as I have, that there is MUCH more to life than what chromosomes you were born with or what color your sweater is.