Guest Article: The Power of a Silly Hat

March 21, 2013 in Fashion, Self-Health, Style by alliemcc

I am so honored to republish this article from blogger, spiritual coach, and tea priestess, Dionne Ruff-Sloane. I've been following Dionne's gentle blog for a little while now, and her meditations and tea ceremony suggestions hit the spot. She wrote this essay about the courage to seem ridiculous in public, yet be completely fearless, joyful, and radiant within, and she graciously allowed me to share it with you. – Allie

blog kermit hat dionne

"Did you lose a bet?" you asked.
"No," I responded.  
"Then why on earth would you want to wear something so ridiculous?"  

Yesterday I was having a bad day and couldn't answer you. But today I will.  

Why would a grown woman wear a Kermit the Frog hat?

Because it's a magical hat.  


blog dionne kermit hat

When I wear this hat, it has the ability to take me back in time to see the little girl I was when I watched and smiled as Kermit flailed his arms excited about the next guess or nervous about trying to hold the show together.

It makes me smile and brightens my day, reminding me of some important lessons I learned from Kermit as a kid about finding the rainbow connection and remembering that one person– okay, one frog– believed in me.  He also taught me that life is like a movie, and if I keep believeing and pretending, I could do exactly what I set out to do.  


Somewhere along the way to growing up, I forgot these things.

Now I wear a Kermit hat so I'll remember to pass these important lessons to my son and never forget for myself again.

This hat has the ability to make other people smile.  In those smiles I get to see the little boys and little girls hiding in those smiles along with hopes and dreams of what life would be like for them when they grew up.  For a few minutes, they remember too.  

castelbajac kermit frog fashion

Jacket by Jean-Charles de Castelbajac, 2009

This hat spreads its magic to others as they start to do their own impression of the Kermit the Frog voice.  They begin sharing how much they loved the show as a child and which character was their favorite. And in some small way, maybe I've brightened their day and made a difference to them, if only for a moment.  

So I'll continue to wear this ridiculous hat even though I haven't lost a bet.  And although it's warmer out today, I'll put my hat back on and go out into the world again because some one needs to be lifted up, if only for a moment.

So thank you for asking.  Now I know exactly why I love this hat so much.

(You can read the original post here. Photographs of Dionne are copyright to Dionne.)


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Dionne Ruff-Sloan is the Tea Priestess of Goddess Tea House.  She serves up Goddess wisdom through tea parties, e-courses and empowerment sessions to help women remember their beauty and light.  You can find her weekly Goddess Whispers on Facebook and Twitter and for deeper insights check out her blog.
(Disclaimer: For some godforsaken reason, Kermit and all the other Muppets characters are owned by Disney. Neither Dionne nor I make any claim to any intellectual property associated with the Muppets, as we hold them too dearly in our childhood memories to infringe on their sovereign, inalienable muppet rights.)