Review:Thrift Shopping & the Secondhand Clothing Stream

October 4, 2012 in Social Responsibility, Sustainability by alliemcc

In which I review the opening of the new Savers location in Brookfield, CT.



So, what did I find? Some brightly patterned vintage bedsheets that I will repurpose into my clothing designs, as well as lots of thread and sewing notions. I saw a pair of Christian Lacroix jeans, and I beat an undercover designer dealer to a really nice Ralph Lauren tweed jacket. I also took home a striped linen Loro Piana blouse—look it up, it’s top of the line, made in Italy.


There are racks upon racks of denim, if you’re dedicated (or desperate) enough to look through them all for the right cut. They are displayed almost sideways, with the waistband facing out so you can easily read the size tag. I noticed that the Salvation Army Family Store also recently switched their denim presentation to this format.


The 80s and 90s are well-represented in women’s sweaters and blouses, as well as Forever XXI and other mall brands. But better bridge priced lines (Gap, Banana, Talbots, et al.) and designer labels are plentiful, too. The most fun about shopping secondhand is that the stock turns over every day, so it’s a constant treasure hunt. And it’s all for a good cause.


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