Tips for Consigning Your Unwanted Clothes in Western CT

August 20, 2012 in Fashion, Social Responsibility, Sustainability by alliemcc

I've been asked about high-end men's consignment in the Danbury CT area.


First, a couple of caveats:

  1. Outside of NYC, and Europe (I'm guessing), men's consignment is incredibly rare, either to buy or sell.
  2. Outside of NYC, or other cities with hip, young populations (L.A., Portland, San Fran, Austin) anything from the '80s or '90s will probably not be accepted at any self-respecting consignment store. Unless you are willing and able to travel to consign your not-quite-vintage stuff, just take it to a charity shop and live with the tax deduction.
  3. Designer labels are more likely to be accepted for consignment than mass market.

That's just based on my experiences and observations.


That being said, Google Search informs me there are a couple of consignment shops in the area that accept men's clothing & accessories.

Umm, ok, that's all I could find that seemed plausible. Retail is a cruel mistress so call first to make sure they're still in business.


If you have men's stuff, particularly from the 80s-90s, the hipster kids in NYC want it. Buffalo Exchange has several locations, and is the go-to resale shop for the young and retro. There are plenty of smaller vintage consignment shops, but they're almost certainly only interested in designer, or really unique pieces. Just do a Google Search "mens vintage consignment new york city", and start making some phone calls.


Another option, if you don't want to deal with NYC, is Ebay, or Etsy if your stuff is over 20 years old.


Hot tip if you do this DIY route: just pretend you work in a fancy shop, make your packages nice-nice by ironing or steaming the item (it is clean, right?), fold it impeccably with tissue paper in between each layer, and place it in a clear plastic bag for good measure (reuse a drycleaning bag if you have them lying around). You will have happy customers who will be more likely to buy again, or recommend you to their hipster friends.