Style Inspiration: The Women of the Gatsby Era

June 1, 2012 in Fashion, Style by alliemcc

Hello Analogue Chic readers! I want to thank Allie for allowing me the opportunity to guest post on her amazing, fabulous blog (again)! I love all things fashion and retro style is a key influencer in my wardrobe and home decor!

The Roaring Twenties were a time of dancing, jazz, and defying Prohibition. It was a post-war period, and people were simply ready to celebrate life and enjoy every moment. Today, when we think about that time period, one more thing that comes to mind is the fashion!


Flapper apparel was incredibly liberal for the time. Waistlines were low and excessive makeup was worn. With straight and loose silhouettes and no sleeves being en vogue, dresses were inspired by French fashion and jazz music. A bob haircut was popular, as well as cloche hats and newsboy caps, often giving women a boyish and young appearance. Layers of beaded necklaces, bracelets, and large rings adorned these young ladies– the more jewelry, the better! Check out this authentic flapper. I’m loving her hat and pleated skirt!


Image via Dressed by Style




Flapper fashion is definitely influencing 2012’s spring and summer trends. Flapper dresses, hats, burgundy lips, and layered jewelry are gracing red carpets and runways. And as the 2012 remake of The Great Gatsby nears, these trends are sure to only grow stronger.

Want to get flapper fashion in a modern, vintage-chic way? Think:

  • Art Deco-inspired clutches and jewelry,
  • shift dresses,
  • chunky heels,
  • beaded details,
  • feathers,
  • and fringe.

Avoid looking like you’re about to attend a costume party by choosing one or two statement pieces and leaving the rest of your outfit modern.

Get in on this elegant look for spring and summer. You’ll feel like you’re ready to Charleston the night away!




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