Finally: New York City’s Easter Parade

April 10, 2012 in Costume, Craft and Art, Fashion by alliemcc

It's not just an expression or a song lyric– the Easter Parade is real!

I've been talking about the NYC Easter Parade for years– witness this post from 2009 which did not survive the trip to my new web honst intact, and this post from 2011 in which I attempt to foment Easter bonnet rebellion.

Well, thanks to that mini obsession and the grace of the internet gods, a German TV producer contacted me to appear on their New York Easter segment and do a hat decorating how-to, and accompany them to the Easter Parade. Heck yes, I said!

I don't think I can mention the show until it airs in Germany, but it's directed to tweens and teens, and has a very energetic and cute host that I want to go shopping with. M&J Trimmings in Manhattan was kind enough to lend us space to film the glue gun fest last week. And I met up with crew again on 5th Avenue Sunday to run around looking at everyone's hats, and presiding over an impromptu hat contest.

And this is what I saw:


And if Flash isn't working for you, you can see the photos right here.

One of the highlights for me was seeing Tziporah Salamon, who is often featured on Advanced Style.

I love that the "parade" is a totally organic, unorganized, people's festival that just happens every year, same time, same place – it's pure New York tradition. And it's incredibly fun. I highly recommend it.