Street Style: NYC Outerwear

March 13, 2012 in Fashion, Style by alliemcc

I had a chance to go to New York City for purely social reasons (rather than school) a couple of Saturdays ago. I got tickets to Fusion, which is the annual Parsons vs. FIT fashion show competition (more on that later… Parsons won, btw.). My husband came with, and we met up with some of my classmates to discuss the competition.

Besides the interesting and out-there fashions on the runway, I noticed some really fun outerwear ensembles on our way from Grand Central to 7th Avenue.


This charming vision in pink was visiting the Japanese Restaurant Week exhibition in Grand Central, complete with a pink boucle rolling backpack.




This lady, who was waiting for the same train when we were leaving, was channeling a Mongolian or Chinese princess vibe with her colorful, fur-trimmed coat.

I actually took this photo a few months ago on 7th Avenue. I just loved the color contrast of her orange-y print scarf and blue-gree coat.


And I couldn’t help taking a picture of this tourist family, with their jackets all hitting the same bright note.

It’s about time to pack away the heavy winter coats, but I hope these examples will inspire you next winter.

P.S. Do you have the Year of Style Calendar yet?