Street Style: Sweet, tart*.

September 24, 2011 in Design, Fashion, Style, Textile Addiction by alliemcc

*As in, sour/tangy, not the euphemism for a promiscuous woman…


Acid yellow-green with deep plummy purple.


This color combo was being rocked hard by South Asian girls this week.

The left and bottom right photos are students at my school who I spotted, both on the same day. There was even a third girl I saw, later in the day, also apparently of South Asian descent, who had on an acid yello tank top under a plaid button down that included the same deep plum, with several other bright colors. But I just couldn't bring myself to ask to take her photo, I was already feeling like a weirdo…

The top right photo here was taken by my friend Megan, who is currently in Chennai, India, for an extended yoga workshop.

Something about the South Asian complexion just vibes really well with this color pairing.

I love the sharp tanginess of the yellow-green and the rich, warm sweetness of the plum. It totally makes me think of this pickled plum snack I've gotten at the Asian grocery– richer and deeper than the chemical burn and corn syrup flavors of sweet/tart candies available in the US.

Coach ad, found in the October 2011 issue of Elle magazine


Bebe ad found in the October 2011 Elle magazine


Inspiration board I found when I was researching centerpieces for an event.


Variations: Acid yellow and warm melon or rust red.

A beach in the UK. Photo by Jane Brocket (a master of color mixing).


Oscar de la Renta, Spring 2009