Street Style: Wallpaper

July 6, 2011 in Design, Fashion, Style, Textile Addiction by alliemcc

Ch. 1

This building greeted me and Hubz as we pulled off the highway into Philadelphia last weekend. It’s located on Vine Street, just north of Chinatown.

I can’t tell if it’s actually very well-preserved wall paper from the adjacent building (now a parking lot) or a more recent addition of very creative street art. I have my spies working to find out more about it.


Ch. 2

I just discovered the late Figure magazine in back issues at my library. It stopped publishing in spring 2010, I believe. It’s a shame, because it was probably the only mainstream mag that has ever attempted to focus on plus-size fashion. Although, being that it was created by the Charming Shops (umbrella corp for Catherine’s, Fashion Bug, and Lane Bryant), it was like one big advertisement. Nevertheless, that was probably the most realistic and accessible route to feature curvy fashions, although I would have liked to see more independent designers.

The March/April 2009 issue had these great shots featuring mixed prints, of which I am a huge fan.

I cannot recommend this formula enough: Cardigan + Fitted top + Knee-length skit. You cannot go wrong, I promise.

The contrasting solid colors with the bold print are also a good way to ease into mixing prints.

I loved this too, picking up on the pink in the dress’s print, with a scarf used as a belt, simultaneously creating an empire waistline. So chic.

They also showed how not to do it, proportion-wise.

I don’t really love this mix of prints (scarf and skirt), but what bothers me more is the fitted tunic over the long skirt.

The hem of the tunic just sort of cuts her body in half, doing nothing for the visual flow and rhythm that is otherwise fine. There’s a nice path leading the eye from her scarf, to the necklace, to the waist-emphasizing belt—and then kind of gets lost between the belt and the bottom of the tunic. I think a regular-length tank top, tucked into the skirt, would have been a more flattering choice.

Middle Photo: Again, we’re getting lost in a fluffy no-man’s land between the belt and the bottom edge of the shirt here. This would have been ok over a fitted skirt, or tucked into this A-line skirt.

Right Photo: Finally, not from the same spread, but the same kind of no-no:

A loose blouse over a loose, frilly, multi-print skirt. Either tuck it in to emphasize the waist, or change the skirt.

Here’s the pattern: fit / flare / fit / flare / fit / flare / fit / flare…

  • Not fit/ fit/ flare, as in the black tunic/ b&w skirt above;
  • Not fit/ flare/ flare, as in pink top/ b&w skirt;
  • and definitely not flare/flare, as in black top/ ruffled skirt right here.


Ch. 3

It seems that Lucky Magazine is on the pattern mixing case too, with this feature in the July issue (although these looks are distinctly autumn-y).