Street Style: Blue and White Porcelain

July 20, 2011 in Craft and Art, Design, Fashion, Textile Addiction by alliemcc

I went into Office Max the other day, looking for a very specific kind of binder clip. Of course they didn’t have what I was looking for, nor did they have a couple of other things I was looking for, thus confirming my opinion that Office Max is completely useless.

That did not, however, stop me from picking up some things I did not know I wanted or needed. Exhibit A: Blue and white fleur-de-lis and brocade patterned stationery from their trendy “DiVoga” line.

Images via Office Max

I picked up some folders, a notebook, and a cute (some might say “shabby chic”, but I won’t go there) fleur-de-lis cutout business card case. They're on clearance right now– gogogo!

I don’t own a lot of blue things (clothes, stationery, eyeshadow) in general, but these patterns were just so summer-y and refreshing, sort of French country, sort of Chinese porcelain.

I’m more of a black-and-white girl, or almost any color except blue, but the right shade, paired with white, is just really compelling for some reason. And I am totally a sucker for brocade-esque patterns.

More porcelain pattern inspiration:

Rodarte's Spring 2011 collection


I don't know the who, how, where, or why of this dragon sculpture made of blue and white china, but the photo is by Donna Millingen.


Dress by Built by Wendy, Spring 2010?; image via Wolf Eyebrows


Upcycled porcelain bangle by Stay Gold Mary Rose


Soy candles in upcycled teacups by One Half Dozen