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July 26, 2011 in Fashion, Self-Health, Social Responsibility, Style, Sustainability by alliemcc

And the award for bestest blog readers goes to…

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… Mary Helen and Lydia, for valor and bravery in heeding the distress call of a frazzled blogger/wage slave/student/designer/stylist.

I cannot thank you gals enough for stepping up. I'm working on your macaroni-spraypaint-and-glitter commendation medals as we speak.

These two fabulous ladies will be contributing their mad writing and style skills to the hallowed pages of Analogue Chic in the coming days. Please welcome them, and let us all know what you think of their work!


Lydia Dowell

Lydia is a wonderful stranger who responded to my distress call for guest writers here at Analogue Chic. She will be contributing articles dealing with the nexus of fashion, feminism, and anything else we can throw in there, all seasoned liberally with a sense of humor.

Lydia is a student at Western Kentucky University, where she works in the campus  IT department. She is also involved in student groups, including Student Identity Outreach (an LGBTQ organization) and Women’s Studies.

Lydia’s obsessions include but are not limited to: shoes, handbags, sexuality (as in the study of orientations, dominance, deviance, etc), vegetarian lasagna, Stacey London, pearls, magazines, sit-coms and talking about exercising, but never actually doing it. Her hobbies include shopping (which goes hand in hand with getting out of debt), sleeping, hiking, drinking with friends, going to the cinema (mostly just to eat the popcorn), eating funnel cake, reading The Onion and The Huffington Post, riding rollercoasters, doing her own manicures, complaining about the weather, daydreaming about the future, yelling at her cat, discussing money, and making rubber band guns to shoot at people’s heads.

Lydia blogs about style, shopping and credit card debt, life, pop culture, and LGBTQ issues– not necessarily in that order– at Proofreading? What’s That?.

She is married to Mr. Billion (who is frequently mentioned in her blog posts).

Please welcome Lydia, and stay tuned for her unique perspectives on style.


Mary Helen McNally

Mary Helen is going to be writing a regular feature called “It’s Hip to Have Hips,” bringing her inimitable style chops to that no-woman’s-land of getting dressed for ladies size 10-14… She’s got your back in this department– your closet crisis is over as of right now.

I met Mary Helen a few years ago at a Danbury-area crafty-gals meetup, dubbed the Hat City Scissor Squad, of which she was a founding member. We would often share the trials and joys of living in downtown Danbury. My attendance at Scissor Squad was lackluster, and Mary eventually moved around the world to Beijing for a time, and then to Austin, Texas. But we’ve kept track of each other through the blogosphere, and she gamely volunteered to contribute her style writing to Analogue Chic when I put out the call.

Formerly a wild woman and raging teenage derelict, Mary Helen now enjoys the quiet, more domestic thrills life has to offer.  This includes the sensual hum of a sewing machine, the intoxicating aroma of her spice cabinet, or the feeling of moist potting soil between her fingers. 

Though she was born in Bangor, Maine, Mary Helen has also lived in a series of other exciting places including Yonkers, New York, Southwestern Connecticut, and Beijing, China.  These days she lives in Austin, Texas with her husband, Scott, their lovable mutt, Gracie, and two funny little cats, Ziggy and Pickles.

Mary is a professionally trained cook who writes about food and recipe adventures at Mary Makes Dinner.

She’s also a natural and DIY skin care and soap making expert who writes under the pen name Emmy Gabriel for The Natural Beauty Workshop.  She’s an experienced instructor, product designer, and social media coordinator for From Nature With Love and Natural Sourcing, LLC.   

And as if she's not busy and multi-talented enough, Mary is half of The Rosy Starlings (with husband Scott), an acoustic singing/song writing duo dabbling in alternative country. Influences include Wilco, Iron & Wine, Patsy Cline, and Elliott Smith.

Please welcome Mary Helen, and keep your eyes peeled right here for her curvy style column, “It’s Hip to Have Hips.”


And others…? Perhaps…

Big hugs and thank yous to my new guest writers!