What I Wore: Marie Antoinette’s Half Birthday Picnic

June 9, 2011 in Costume, Fashion, What I Wore by alliemcc

I'm sure you saw my little note earlier about the costume picnic I planned in celebration of Mary Antoinette's Half-Birthday.

In spite of the glorious weather and my mad marketing skills, we had less turnout than I hoped for…  Your loss.

But a good time was had by all, while it lasted. I'm not sure if my friends would want their photos shared on the 'tubes, so I'll just share what I wore, and they will remain anonymous…


My makeup inspiration came from Marisa Berenson's character, Lady Honoria Lyndon, in the epic Barry Lyndon– hiiiiighly recommended for the costumes (I hear that Kubrick used actual period pieces, which I find incredible). Anyhoo, Marisa Berenson's character had the typical very pale base make up with almost maroon or raspberry tones for blush, eye shadow and lips. I used a similar color on my eyes, and created heart-shaped blush (an idea I got from Vogue Girl Japan last month), and then used brown eyeliner to draw on big beauty marks, and a heart-shaped beauty mark on my chest. Because why not?

The pearl accessories were inspired by Mira Sorvino in The Triumph of Love, a movie I love on its own and because my good friend Megan was in the play in college, which was also delightful.

: necklace – vintage costume jewelry

: lace fichu (scarf) – vintage

: lilac and cream striped prom dress – vintage Jessica McClintock Gunne Sax

: gold belt – vintage

: pearl bracelets – modern low price costume jewelry

: white, raspberry and silver t-strap heels – Spring, about 2 years ago (I wore them to my wedding)


The hair

(Oh, boy, the hair…)

So, you've probably seen my other pictures recently, and know that my hair is about chin length, and shorter in the back, with short, blunt-cut bangs. Yeah.

I prepped my hair by 1) not washing it that morning, and 2) adding in quite a bit of dry shampoo to give it texture and lift.

I took an old-fashioned hair rat (a tube made of squishy net stuff with snaps so that the ends connect together to form a donut), and pinned it right on top of my head. Then worked sections from left, right, and back, teased a bit, and pinned into the donut to cover it. Then the last side sections, I really teased and tried to place them to create the most height and side-to-side volume. Then teased sections from the sides of my face, as well as my bangs to create the height and volume in front. Hairsprayed each section at the roots for lift, and at the ends to hold it in place. Finally, the shortest pieces on the sides and back I just teased and pinned as best I could into pin curls.

Then, hairsprayed the life out of it. And went to town with the dry shampoo to get the powdered-wig effect. Voila! If you have more hair than me, I would leave the ends loose on top so you can create some kind of interesting swirl or curl to finish off the top-back, and definitely leave the sides and back free as you go to create nice, neat rows of curls at the end.

I had no idea if this was going to work at all, so I started 2 hours before I had to leave, in case I had to start over. If you have longer hair, I would start even earlier, because it does take some trial and error and a lot of faking it…

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