What I Wore: a new take…

June 22, 2011 in DIY, Fashion, Style, Sustainability, What I Wore by alliemcc

It's been a hectic few weeks, with multiple jobs, as well as wacko weather, prohibiting me from getting quality photos of my more stylish outfits. So I decided to go analogue, and do some quick sketches to record my style. Professional illustrator I am not, but I think you'll get the point.

Wore this to work at my new/old office job. It is really challenging for me to look neat and professional when it's 90 degrees out…

: white button-down puff sleeve shirt (so retro!) – Target, several years ago

: black cotton dress – Gap, thrifted (also seen here)

: black leather sandals with cork wedges – Nine West via DSW a month ago


Worn to my less formal office job where there is no dress code.

: incredibly bright floral blouse with bow tie – vintage Dress Barn (tags still on!), thrifted

: blue and white gingham skirt, upcycled from a wrap to an A-line skirt – vintage 70s, from a now-closed shop in Philadelphia. (also seen here)

: brown leather sandals with cork wedges – Nine West, thrifted


Worn to work from home, and running errands.

: ribbon fedora (literally, it is a piece of grosgrain ribbon stitched into the shape of a fedora) – Target men's department, a few years


: olive green linen shirt, tied at the waist – Target men's department, last year

: printed cotton straight skirt with front slit – thrifted, made in Singapore, came with a matching blouse/jacket

: suede gladiator flats – Simple, last year


Worn to a work program.

: short sleeved denim jacket with ticking stripes – thrifted (also seen here)

: blue ikat print halter dress, made from a thrifted drawstring skirt – homemade/thrifted

: the brown Nine West wedges again