Not trashy: Fashion fun at Ideat Village’s Project Walkway

June 17, 2011 in Costume, Craft and Art, Design, DIY, Fashion, Style, Sustainability by alliemcc

Oh my! This almost turned out to be the first week in a good long while where I didn't post at all! (Help a sister out, y'all.)

Wednesday night, I stayed out way past my bedtime to participate in Project Walkway, the upcycled fashion, family-friendly challenge at Ideat Village, the homegrown alternative to New Haven's International Festival of Arts and Ideas.

Local celebrity drag queen Miss Robin Banks cleaned out her closet, and Ideat veterans brought some of their own add-ons, so that participants could cut, sew, glew, wrap, and safety pin their way to a new, original outfit. Tooo much fun!

The challenge is based on the TV show Project Runway, but re-dubbed "Walkway" because it was scheduled to take place outdoors in Pitkin Plaza in downtown New Haven. But a sudden rainstorm moved us inside Ideat Village's Orbit Gallery, which was not a bad alternative at all– we were surrounded by awesome art.

I worked with the lovely Dawn, a marketing professional, home-sewer, dancer, and cool mom.

We used a pair of tights to create detachable sleeves/gauntlets/arm warmers;

a silky bathrobe to create a bolero jacket-thingy with a bustle;

a slinky dress became a high-waisted skirt;

and Dawn's son's toy snake, "Iggy", became a fabulous statement necklace.

Mind you, this was all done with duct tape and safety pins, and strategic folding and tucking…

Some more creative peeps:

I highly recommend you put it on your calendar for next year, bring your friends, bring your kids, for some totally unique fun!