How Not to Dress Like An Old Lady

June 8, 2011 in Fashion, Personalities, Style by alliemcc

(Even if you are one.)

I'm not going to take credit for that– that is from a wonderful reader who has left some very helpful comments here. Merci. ;)

Since I have sudden amnesia specific to the concept of "free time", you'll probably be seeing more inspirational posts here for a while, rather than wordy, thoroughly-produced articles. For that, you should read Already Pretty, where Sally writes about  all the topics (literally- it's like she bugged my brain) I would like to discuss with you, and does a much better job at it.

Here we have stylist and fashion editor Carlyne Cerf de Dudzeele, photographed by Steven Meisel.

A woman not to be fuqed with.

How to:

Jacket + simple top + bootcut slacks. A single-color outfit in fitted basics = instantly polished. Add some whimsy, personality, or fill-in-the-effect-here with accessories, shoes, or interesting details on the jacket.

I actually believe every woman should be able to put together a black outfit like this. (Adjust the shoes to your comfort level, of course.)

For extra style points, do it in your favorite color.

But also a woman with a sense of fun and lack of pretension.

How to:

casual polish

casual polish by AllieAnalogue featuring a floral coat

This is really a looser, more casual, "artsy" if you want, version of the combo above: Print coat + button down shirt + comfy jeans.

I highly recommend you grab a man's shirt for this – so irreverent and sexy. Go nuts with accessories and fun shoes.


There was an interesting, 90s-supermodel-tastic piece in the issue of Interview Magazine I borrowed from the library (brilliant!) for our Memorial Day weekend trip. She was interviewed by her friend, designer Azzedine Alaia. Maybe the March 2011 issue? Recent, anyway. Read it here.

I have but 2 objections, if I may be so bold:

1. Cigarettes. So not stylish.

2. Uggs. No need to explain, I'm sure.