Tute Review (sort of): Marie Antoinette-Inspired DIY Fashion

May 17, 2011 in Costume, Craft and Art, Design, DIY, Fashion by alliemcc

If you're going to be in my 'hood on June 4, please come to my Picnic in Celebration of Marie Antoinette's Half-Birthday.

Portrait of Marie Antoinette by Elisabeth Vigee Lebrun.

Costumes are required! We're going for tons of lace, ribons, bows, and pastel colors! Inspired by the fashionable queen herself, and Sofia Coppola's 2006 movie. (Take a look at these party photos for more inspiration, esp. for the gents.)

Here are a couple of DIY tutorials to help you get your costume properly ruffled and ribboned.

Lacy Tee by Sarah of JayNSarah


Bows and buckles embellishment by Laura via Craftster

There are more tutorials on Craftster, if you're feeling ambitious:

Be sure to take a look at some other tutorials I've featured in the past:

Can't wait to see you in your Frenchy finery!

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