Reporting back: Summary of a Month of No Pants

May 3, 2011 in Fashion, Style, What I Wore by alliemcc

Part 1

no pants collage

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A month with no pants – by the numbers

30 days, 32 outfits, 0 pants.

Well, folks, I made it. The entire month of April without a single pair of pants.

Aside from a near-relapse on Day 23, when I almost gave in and wore jeans and my husband had to talk me down, it was really not any more difficult to get dressed every day than on any other day when pants are in play.


The MVPs of A Month of No Pants:

  • black leggings – worn 6 times
  • black cardigan or jacket – worn with 5 outfits
  • royal blue cardigan – worn 3 times
  • red cardigan – worn 3 times
  • gray tights – worn 3 times


The shoes

  • brown heels (2 kinds) – worn 6 times
  • flat shoes in a non-neutral color – worn 6 times
  • black flat boots – worn 5 times
  • black heeled boots – worn 2 times
  • brown heeled boots – worn once


Not including shoes or other accessories, I wore 10 individual garments twice or more over the course of the month.


Number of pieces in each garment category I wore over the course of the month:

  • dresses – 17
  • shoes – 16
  • cardigans – 13
  • skirts – 12
  • belts – 8
  • tights or stockings – 6
  • jackets – 3
  • leggings – 2
  • scarves – 2


Number of pieces I purchased (or was given) and wore during the course of the month: 3


I realized a few things:

  • I have a lot of winter-weight skirts and dresses.
  • I don’t wear a lot of jewelry, but I own a decent amount.
  • I own a lot of bright colored or print skirts and dresses.
  • One can never have too many cardigans, belts, or different colored stockings.
  • Black really is flattering and incredibly versatile.
  • Do not underestimate the need for a core wardrobe of basic garments in dark neutrals.
  • Nothing is too fancy to wear to the grocery store.


My shopping list:

  • More cardigans, belts and stockings
  • More basics in dark, neutral colors (my choices are black and charcoal gray)
  • More spring and summer skirts and dresses


To be continued…

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