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May 5, 2011 in Fashion, Girl Crush, Personalities, Style by alliemcc

Girl Crush is back! I know I owe you a few grrrlz…

If you were anywhere near a radio during the ‘90s, you were fortunate enough to hear the heyday of the dance group Deee-Lite.

One can’t help but chair-dance when “Groove is in the heart” graces the airwaves even now.

The most memorable aspect of the group was frontwoman Lady Miss Kier: singer, songwriter, go-go dancer, costumer, fashion designer, club kid messiah…

She single-handedly presaged (IMHO) the current rage for vintage and retro fashion, sporting platforms, flipped hair, Pucci-esque prints, and pin-up girl lingerie when Katy Perry and Nicki Minaj were still in diapers.

(Her way-before-its-time style “allegedly” inspired the character Ulala in Sega's game Space Channel 5, though the court was not convinced. Buy the homegirl's tees and merch, because I’m sure she’s still paying out those legal fees.)

Her style has been described as “female drag queen” – and that’s definitely an accurate description for some of her more elaborate stage costumes. But I think her slightly lower key ensembles of the ‘80s-‘90s would hardly provoke an eye-blink today—again, considering the styles of celebs like La Roux, Dita von Teese, et al.

The fashion industry takes its cues from the avant garde, and a watered-down influence always makes its way to mass market stores. I remember girls in my elementary school in the early ‘90s wearing ‘60s style trapeze tops with leggings and wide headbands. And ‘60s op art and Pucci-style prints have made an appearance every 5 years or so since then…

The world has been a darker, danker, less-dancey place since the demise of Deee-Lite as a musical group. Luckily, Lady Miss Kier prevails as a DJ in her own right, touring extensively to clubs and events throughout the US and internationally.

She is approaching 50, and still grooving, having fun, and creating!

I essentially “discovered” Lady Miss Kier and Deee-Lite when I was in college in the early ‘00s. Of course I had heard “Groove”, but I think I really listened to it then and was inspired to buy as many of their CDs as I could find and study the lyrics. Aside from being completely vulnerable to Deee-Lite’s unrelenting dance beats, I love their politics (songs about the environment and safe sex), and perhaps most of all their creativity and playfulness.

The world continues to be in desperate need of silliness, color, and dance…

All photos (c) their respective photographers, via Lady Miss Kier's Facebook page.

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