No Pants: days 22-25.

April 26, 2011 in Fashion, Style, What I Wore by alliemcc

Your skirts and dresses miss you.

Contact me to kiss and make up.


Day 22 – 2fer

Activities: commuting, office work, errands

Weather: overcast, 50s

: yellow and gray glasses – the grocery store check out aisle

: blue 3/4 sleeve cardigan – my favorite discount store, a couple of years ago

: black, white, and gray argyle sweater – don't remember where I got this, had it for several years

: yellow knit skirt – vintage, thrifted

: silver-tone charm bracelet – vintaged, thrifted MANY years ago

: gray opaque tights – probably Target

: tan maryjanes – Spring, 5 years ago


Costume Change

Activities: drinks, hanging with my girls, shaking my ass

: black tuxedo jacket – Tommy Hilfiger, thrifted

: sequined dress/tunic – Express, fall '10

: black leather bangle – Spoiled Diva, picked up on a trip to Atlanta in 2010

: tuxedo striped riding pants – Express, fall '10

: boots – Simple (seen here often)


Day 23

Activities: cleaning house (not in this outfit), shopping, errands

Weather: overcast, low 60s

: leopard print scarf worn as headband – thrifted

: black cardigan – Target, hand me down from my mom

: black patent leather belt – thrifted

: black leather bangle – see Day 22

: print dress – Target, from a consignment store

: black leggings

: red ballet flats – Naturalizer (also seen here many times)


Day 24

Tee and skirt photos from their respective online store sites; shoes photo via Flickr.

Sorry for the body-less photo collage– I was having One of Those Days, and so not in the mood to take a picture.

Activities: arts & crafts, rearranging furniture

Weather: humid, partly cloudy, 60s?

: olive green lace stripe tee – J. Crew, final clearance, from our mall trip a week or 2 ago

: heather gray jersey skirt – Ann Taylor, final clearance, from our mall trip on Day 23

: my trusty red Naturalizer flats, from 2 years ago (not actually depicted here)


Day 25

Activities: working from home, errands, making din-din, washing dishes

Weather: overcast, low 60s, humid (the reason why my hair is not making an appearance in this photo…)

: black cardigan – Target, same as Day 23

: black & gray stripe tee – Old Navy, available right now

: puffy fabric ring – a prototype design I'm working on…

: black pinstripe skirt with pleated hem – Ann Taylor, thrifted

: pink fabric flats – Payless, 1-2 months ago

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