No Pants: day 5.

April 5, 2011 in Fashion, Style by alliemcc

Realizing that April was probably the most challenging month I could have chose to … challenge myself with no pants. I'm finding that I have a good number of fall/winter appropriate skirts, and a decent amount of summer dresses. But not a lot of casual skirts or dresses that could go spring or fall. I have a bunch of skirts that are kind of fancy, definitely more office wear…

Clearly, this whole garment issue requires further analysis, and I will reserve my conclusions for the end of the month, to decide what goes and what stays, and what needs to be acquired…

Activities: working from home, errands

Weather: rain, low 50s? I don't know. It was definitely warmer this morning when I went to Zumba than when I ventured out this afternoon.

: floaty, gold tube-beaded top – Diane von Furstenberg, thrifted (score!)

: turquoise, long sleeve tee – ?? possibly TJ Maxx, earlier this year

: hot pink/coral belt – H&M a couple of years ago (proving that I will belt ANYTHING.)

: short black stretchy skirt – thrifted. Excellent butt coverage to go with leggings.

: black leggings

: brown suede booties – Esprit, new, this past winter

The blue and gold beading are feeling very Liz Taylor-Cleopatra. And the way the top is draping with the belt is reminding me of ancient Greek sculpture…

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