No Pants: day 4.

April 4, 2011 in Fashion, Style by alliemcc

Definitely not a day for a full-frontal photo– I'm not so sure about this whole no-caffeine experiment I'm doing, I don't feel awake until about noon, and I can't manage to look awake at all, really.

Activities: working from home, grocery shopping, driving death match through Danbury.

Weather: cloudy, 50s.

: chambray shirt – criminally cheap discount store

: navy blue jumper – Ann Taylor, on clearance, a couple of years ago.

If I were editing my own closet, I would advise myself to replace the shiny silver buttons, and ultimately donate it or consign it because of the poor fit from the waist-up.

Oh, and the bottom button fell off at the grocery store, and I had to safety pin it together while standing in the deli line… So much for this first and last outing.

: navy blue belt – vintage, thrifted

: gray tights – Target maybe? a year or 2 ago

: navy blue t-strap heels – Old Navy, within the last 5 years

I could definitely see this outfit (ok, not the same blouse) on Peggy in Mad Men.


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