No Pants: day 13.

April 13, 2011 in Fashion, Style, What I Wore by alliemcc

Activities: commuting, office work, shopping in the rain

Weather: low 50s, rain

My deepest apologies for the awful, cropped photo with flash — it was so dark out, there was even less natural light inside than usual. And the flash created some rather comedic shadows behind me, so I thought it best to crop…

: red cardigan – thrifted (previously seen here)

: navy and white stripe tank top – H&M, earlier this year

: navy with red polka dots silk bow tie pin – vintage, thrifted, Vera brand. Such a find.

: gold tone chain link bracelet – vintage? via Sequel in Bethel

: denim-esque pencil skirt – home made approximately 10 years ago. It is actually miraculous that I can still get into this thing (barely).

: taupe fishnets – TJ Maxx, years ago

: pink flats – Payless, earlier this year

Spring is skirt season!

Contact me to get reacquainted with your leg-less garments, and learn some styling strategies.

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