A month of no pants.

April 1, 2011 in Fashion, Style, What I Wore by alliemcc

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Oh, pants* are great. They can be wonderful: sexy, elegant, blahdiblah.

But lately I've been feeling really uninspired by my pant repertoire– mostly because my arsenal of 2-legged garments has been whittled down to a couple of pairs of jeans, since I don't work in an office anymore.

I love jeans, believe me. It's just starting to feel like a cop out, and I think I can step up my style game if I reserve jeans for lazy days, and actual, you know, manual labor.

I love skirts. And dresses. They were some of the first, best, and most cherished items I thrifted. In high school, I started a personal tradition of wearing skirts more often than not once spring finally settled in. It was such a drastic change in my daily look that a guy I started dating right around early spring asked me if I started wearing skirts "for him." Oh, silly boy.

A few weeks ago, I had a consultation with a styling client who said she's reluctant to wear skirts because they're not exactly practical for chasing young kids on the playground, as well as not feeling confident about styling an outfit around them.

And I realized– until very recently, in terms of cultural evolution, women had worn nothing but skirts to do everything from manual labor to raising kids, in all kinds of weather and topography…

Inspiration and a challenge.

So for the month of April, I'm challenging myself to wear no pants of any kind (except as pajamas).


It was a sunglasses kind of day, guys – no makeup, little sleep, that-time-of-the-month, and I'm going caffeine-free cold turkey. Good times.

: Franco Sarto sunglasses

: thrifted leopard scarf

: black short sleeved lace-insert cardigan – Family Dollar. Not kidding.

: gray drape front cardigan – Ann Taylor, winter '10?

: black empire waist tunic/mini dress – Guess ™, like, 15 years ago. Seriously.

: black leggings (I don't count these as pants because functionally they're like tights/stockings.)

: black kilt hose, styled as over the knee stockings

: black leather and suede boots – Simple, from here.

*Trousers, for those of the British-English persuasion. I am not going commando.

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