Style Advice from the Mouths of Babes

March 29, 2011 in Fashion, Style by alliemcc

Still from Pretty in Pink.

Found this great piece this week written by a teen reporter from Trumbull, CT.

It is important to to really utilize your inner instincts of what type of clothes draw you in. This may seem strange if you are used to investing in clothes that please other people instead of yourself, but it is a positive change that should be made. …

When you know what it is that you like, do not be afraid of what others will think. No one should hide their true self behind clothes their peers approve of. …

So when searching for the pair of shoes that everyone has, stop yourself, and choose the pair of shoes that fits you, not your peers. Every person that wears something that is perfect for them should be congratulated for continuing the quest of being their own distinct person.

Via the News-Times.

For more excellent analysis of teen style and the movie Pretty in Pink, I highly recommend this article by Alli at On This Day in Fashion.

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