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March 3, 2011 in Girl Crush, Personalities, Self-Health, Social Responsibility, Style, Sustainability by alliemcc

I'm taking a break from my usual Girl Crush feature this month. We need to talk.


I am a feminist.

If you don’t like that word, or people who describe themselves with that word, you’re free to click elsewhere on the intertubes. Bye!

Everyone else: thanks for sticking around.


So basically, I love women, I love being a woman, and I love what we can do as women.

I’m pretty much disappointed by Women’s History Month.

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I think that time has long since come and gone when people (i.e. males in power) needed an awareness month to remind them of all the awesome, historical, game-changing contributions women have made to human civilization.

Anyone who still is not aware of such achievements, or the simple fact that men and women are 99% identical, and females constitute at least 50% of the species, should just get out of the gene pool. Now. Poof!


I’ve had enough of the annual pastiche of the usual cast of characters from the past, with a couple of modern achievers thrown in (Hilary, Michelle, et al.). The boring public service announcements, formulaic events, commemorative postage stamps, blah-di-fucking-blah.

If you can’t do something different, meaningful, creative, or meaningful, then don’t bother. Cuz you’re just insulting my gender, and my intelligence.

The issues earlier women fought for are still being challenged and threatened to this damn day. Roe v. Wade, anyone? Sexual harrassment? Domestic violence? They keep comin’.

On the up-side, all those awesome, game-changing, female contributions to life as we know it? They’re still coming, too, and they’re going to keep on coming.


That’s why I’m declaring March, Women’s Future Month. At least here on my own digital turf.

We need to honor the work of our sisters in the past and keep asking tough questions: What can be better? What else needs to change? How can I challenge myself? How are we going to raise our daughters and sons? How are we going to save this planet?!


Here’s an excerpt from a 2003 essay by Jane Fonda:

Because we can't just talk about women being at the table ­- it's too late for that ­- we have to think in terms of the shape of the table. Is it hierarchical or circular (metaphorically speaking)? We have to think about the quality of the men who are with us at the table, the culture that is hovering over the table that governs how things are decided and in whose interests. This is not just about glass ceilings or politics as usual. This is about revolution, and I have finally gotten to where I can say that word and know what I mean by it and feel good about it because I see, now, how the future of the earth and everything on it including men and boys depends on this happening.


I know there are other, better writers out there, entire blogs, dedicated to this idea. But it’s not enough to read and write about it, and one month is not enough to do anything productive. It’s a pacifier, a distraction—“Look, you got your month, now go make me a sandwich.”

We have to press the mute button on people who want to distract and pacify us into comfortable silence. We’ve got to start listening to our intuition, the feeling in the pit of our gut, and really listen to ourselves and our girlfriends and connect the small dots into a larger pattern. We’ve got to “be the change”, set the example, live our ideals every day.

You have to be the woman you want your daughters and granddaughters to be. Men have to be the kind of men they want their sons to be.

The only thing to be afraid of is apathy. You can't be afraid of speaking up, proposing a new way, calling out a bad idea. You have to do it anyway, any way you can.

You can’t dismiss your feeling that something is not right, not fair, not healthy. You just can’t compromise.

Never compromise.

At one time, it may have been acceptable to proceed by two steps forward, one step back. No longer. Every step must bring us forward. It’s too late for the hokey pokey.

In the words of the Dangerous Old Woman, “Come with me, or stand out of my way.” I’m moving on to the future.


Let’s start a discussion about a better future for women. Tell us your goals, your wildest dreams, your solutions– and how you're going to do it!

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