Happy Radical Self Love Day: Empowerment with style

February 14, 2011 in Fashion, Self-Health, Style by alliemcc


Today, my perfume was Ralph Lauren’s Safari which seems appropriate since I’m on an adventure, besides, I’m saving Dior’s Poison for my Chemo. My shoes were shiny grey three inch Charles David slings, my jewelry was Michal Negrin and my purse was a leopard print Juicy bag. Why the heck not? Isn’t life too short to keep those things tucked away; only to be used for special occasions when everything is right with the world? I refuse to let myself go and slouch along in sweat clothes during all of this. I may be headed down a tough road, but I’m going there in style.

When I checked into the hospital for my pre-op today, I clicked and swayed on in, trying to stay positive and focusing on anything except being in that environment. I was holding my head up high and making the most of the long hair I probably won’t be able to keep much longer. I’m going to miss that the most!


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