Danbury Mayor’s Ball 2011: The Fashion Fall-out

February 1, 2011 in Fashion, Style by alliemcc

Best dressed, worst dressed– I really don't know.  At least people got dressed.

Based on the photos from the News-Times, there was no stand-out winner this year, at least in my book.  There was some improvement, but plenty of the same mistakes.

So, I'll keep my analysis short and sweet. It's "Oh-la-la" vs. "Oh-no-no".





Good effort with the accessorizing this year. Just remember Ms. Chanel's words: "Always take off the last accessory you put on."

A little sleeve

It's not about hiding your arms, it's about creating balance in the visual effect.

Bolero jackets

So chic, if properly fitted. And a great alternate to the "wrap".

Bright colored, matte fabrics

Good effort this year. Proceed with caution.


Yes! Try white, or match your dress, to avoid looking like a burlesque dancer.


You're not home watching "Dancing with the Stars", try out some moves!


Mrs. Boughton didn't call me, but she must have taken my advice. She looked great at this year's event.


I love the dark streaks in her hair. So bold.


I love this outfit with the white fur. I would just suggest she folow Ms. Chanel's rule, and leave 1 or 2 accessories at home.





Pre-teen hair

Put it up, or leave it down.

Porn star nails

Can we get over the long, squared-off, French mani, acrylic nails now? It's 2011.

Out of date

Keep it classic & simple, or go modern. Trendy embellishments get dated quickly.

Bright colored, shiny fabrics

(See 2010.)

Summery prints in winter

Unless you're on a cruise ship. In which case, it's probably not winter where you are.

Short dresses

Too young.

Strapless on C-cups & up

(2010 all over again.)

Just say no.


And, to venture into menswear…

Round lapels = fail.

See how the line of the lapels mirrors the round lines of Mr. B's face? Not flattering. Sharp angles and straight lines camouflage your soft spots.


Ladies or gents:

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