Why you need a lint brush, and how to use it

January 5, 2011 in Fashion by alliemcc

Welcome to part 1 of my series on style tools everyone should have— if you wear clothes, you should think about investing in all or most of the tools I’m going to tell you about.  I plan for this to be a monthly feature.  If you have questions or requests, please send them my way! Allie @ AnalogueChic . com

The Lint Brush

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What is it?

It looks a lot like a double-sided hair brush, with a cushion of velvet in place of hair bristles.  It is a cousin to the type of lint roller that looks like a roll of toilet paper (if the toilet paper were replaced with masking tape) on a stick.

Why you need one:

1. To remove lint and pet hair from your clothes.

2. So you can stop killing the planet with your disposable masking-tape-toilet-paper-on-a-stick.

How it works:

Velvet has a property called nap, which also exists on fur (faux or real) and on living mammals. Rather than being woven flat like a man’s dress shirt, it has long fibers, like a rug or towel.  If you rub the fibers in the “right” direction, they lay down nicely, feel soft, and look shiny and luxurious.  If you rub them the “wrong” way, they feel bristly to the touch, and may turn around and snap at you, much like a cat.

How to use it:

Most velvet lint brushes nowadays will have an arrow on each side indicating which direction you should brush in– the arrow you can see with the brush flat on your clothes is the one to follow, not the arrow on the side which is actually touching your clothes.

This is so you can switch hands to reach all sides of  your garment without breaking your elbows.

If your brush does not have arrows, you will soon figure it out.

You can do it while your garment is still on the hanger, but sometimes it’s easier to do it once you put the garment on, or have someone do it for you.

To clean it:

Just use your thumb and some pressure to swipe the lint in the “right” direction of the velvet nap, then pull it off, similar to the way you clean out your hairbrush.

When to use it:

1. If you have furry pets.

2. On dark-colored clothes of all kinds.

3. On furry clothes like wool or flannel.

4. Anytime you see lint or pet fur on your clothes

5. When you need to look extra nice.

I recommend you buy 2, one for everyday use, and one to store in your luggage for travel.

Where to get it:

1. In the laundry/clothing care section of a drug store or grocery store.

2. In the men’s department of a department store, or in a men’s specialty store (like Brooks Brothers or Men’s Wearhouse).

3. Right here in my handy-dandy Amazon Store! (affiliate link)

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