what i wore: new year’s day (night)

January 4, 2011 in Costume, Fashion by alliemcc

new year's party dress

Behold! My upcycled New Year’s party outfit!

I love dressing up. I’m not gonna lie. So, as tired as I was, I knew I had to make it to my friend Geoff‘s New Year’s fancy dress party.

This here is a dress from Goodwill, unmistakably bad ’80s vintage.  Originally, it had an ankle-length pencil skirt with a side slit.  After some alterations for fit, I shortened the skirt to a more modern length. Then I took the frilly, bejeweled decoration thingy off the waist of the dress, and whipstitched it to a hair comb to wear it as a cocktail hat. Bam!

Opaque tights, platform booties, done.

There were some issues with foundation garments, as the velvet hem of the skirt was definitely going to catch on my tights, thereby pilling the crap out of my tights and forcing the skirt to ride up.  Unfortunately, my half slip was too long, so I went with a full slip, which didn’t quite camouflage itself under the insanely wide neckline-shoulder area.

But all in all, I quite enjoyed it, and it was a hit at the party.

Geoff said I just needed a cigarette tray to top it off.

ziegfeld follies cigarette girl

I loved hanging out with some kindred spirit-vintage mavens. Here’s Liz obsessing over some costume jewelry:

Good times!