what i wore

January 26, 2011 in Fashion, Style, What I Wore by alliemcc

This one goes out to my peeps, Ashe Mischief and Gala.

I got dressed for no damn reason, apparently.

My morning was going nicely, normally, status quo weather-wise– not expecting snow until this afternoon. I went to shower and get dressed, and decided to have some fun, because this recent weather pattern is depressing as heck, and I did actually need to go outside and do errands, and oh, I don't know, get some work done in my studio…

I came downstairs, looked out the window, and it is full on snowing.


Me and snow– we're in a fight. (For those who don't recognize the gesture on the right, it is a more ethnic equivalent of The Finger. Italian? I don't know. Just keepin' it safe for work.)

I decided to document my outfit for your benefit before I went back upstairs to put on more layers.

: short sleeve wool sweater with adorable collar detail, which you can't see. Thrifted.

: long sleeved pink houndstooth cardigan. Thrifted Liz Claiborne.

: sweater knit, high waisted skirt with button and pockets in floral print. Thrifted.

: magenta tights, 2 winters old

: black wedge-heel boots, ditto

: rhinestone necklace

: fake eyelashes

: pink lipstick

Take that, winter storm system! Thanks a lot, Canada! I thought we were friends. Why do you keep sending us this crap?…