what i wore

January 10, 2011 in Fashion by alliemcc

…last Thursday.

It's the Attack of Camera Face, live from my studio! (Sorry about that, we had some tripod issues.)

daily outfit

Here we have, on the left, what I actually wore. And on the right, me playing with the idea of knotting and draping the dress. Yes, that is a giant bridal crinoline on my left. Just in case.

The Look

 : upcycled shrug I made by un-ravelling and re-knitting a thrifted Ann Taylor (I think) tank top

 : black turtleneck sweater

 : thrifted disco dress

 : black wedge-heel boots

 : wide black elastic belt

 : Stone & Honey necklace, a gift from my honey.

 : base layer: camisole, full slip and black leggings

And that is how you wear a summer dress in winter. Just bring a can of Static Guard with you if it's polyester.