New Year’s Eve Accessories to Make Yourself

December 22, 2010 in Costume, Craft and Art, Fashion by alliemcc

Need some last-minute sparkle for your New Year’s Eve groove-getting-on?

Here’s a list of DIY tutorials, with varying degrees of difficulty, to make accessories.  Just add one cute dress or simple outfit, and let your handmade sparkle do the talking!

If you’ve NEVER handled a glue gun or needle and thread before, these are probably not for you. But if you’re somewhat familiar with arts and crafts, you should be able to handle many of these, or modify them to your skill level.

Guide to Skillz Levelz

  • Newbie – you’re not afraid of stabbing yourself with needle and thread or burning yourself with glue gun. Basic familiarity with common craft supplies.
  • Sorcerer’s Apprentice – a bit more advanced than newbie, you’ve learned some specialized skills from classes or craft books.
  • Super Grand Wizard Craft Master Flex – advanced, using uncommon materials and techniques, with not very detailed instructions.

Have fun! Send pictures! Seriously!


Headband 1 – Newbie level

Headband 2 – Newbie


Rock n Roll Princess Necklace – Sorcerer’s Apprentice Level

Minimalist Geometric NecklaceSorcerer’s Apprentice [Update 12/30/10] OK, apologies are due. The post linked here is not a true tutorial, and the link in that post is broken. So I’m going to upgrade this to Grand Master level, cuz I think if you have done some crafting, you can figure it out from the photos. My bad. Check out her other DIYs here.

Jeweled Bib Necklace – Newbie


Punque Rocque T-shirt or Tank top – Newbie

Chiffon Petal Sleeve Top (or bag, or shoes…) – Newbie

Epaulettes/ Shoulder Jewelry (<– click the title for the link) feather epaulettes how to


Feathered clutch – Newbie


Faux Fur Faux Booties – Newbie

Lace Booties – Newbie

Faux Louboutin Studded Mary Janes – Super Grand Wizard Craft Master Flex

DIY Louboutin shoes tutorial how to