Link Lounge, week of Dec. 13

December 17, 2010 in Costume, Design, Fashion, Fashion Anthropology by alliemcc

A very light blogging week for me, a little heavier on the tweets– don’t worry, I’m working on some great stuff coming up in the near future, so don’t touch that dial.  ;)

A recap of my tweets and re-tweets this week. You can play along, @AnalogueChic.

Fill up your tea cup, and relax…

chain necklace


If you’ve got mad skillz, don’t just give it away now.

Righteously pissed

I’ve had it up to HERE with people throwing around the word “pimpin'”


Easy, inspiring updates for your winter coat

Stylish tips from yo mama

The go-to couturier of the 19th century reawakens


FYI, your wrinkle-free clothes are embalming you

Happy Hour, or less

Publicly admitting my girl crush on Lt. Uhura