How to Look Better in Pictures

December 8, 2010 in Design, Fashion by alliemcc

Part I of a new series where I will be pointing out some common photo foibles, and give you advice on how to look better in snapshots.

First up, what I like to call,

The Boob Necklace

Left to right: photo by Luca Trovato, Traditional Home magazine*, December 2010; another photo from the website of Traditional Home magazine, for the Classic Woman Awards, 2010; a Connecticut fashion stylist who will remain nameless out of pity.  If you know this lovely lady, send her the link to this article.

For clarification: necklaces are for your neck.

As you can see from the evidence above, you should not trust a professional photographer to ensure that you are looking right in every detail.  That’s why I’m going to tell you how to check yourself and look better in your snapshots.

In any photo (other than porn, or those terrifying close-ups from the dentist’s office), the viewer’s eye should first be drawn to your sparkling face, then your accessories and body language direct the eye around the image.

When gravity pulls a long chain off-center to drape around your boob, it draws the focus to that one boob like a bull’s eye.  Look again at the photos above – what is the first thing your eye focuses on?

If you are bigger than an A cup, a better option would be to choose a shorter necklace, ideally ending just before your breasts start to curve out from your chest.  A wider chain or beads are the correct proportion for your endowments.

Photos by Sally McGraw at Already Pretty (Already Pretty (Sally McGraw) / CC BY-NC-ND 3.0)

If you insist on wearing a long chain, wear something with a pendant or heavier beads at the center to keep it weighted and in place on your center line.

The goal is for each element of your outfit to be proportional to your body and to the other garments.  And with a great pose, your photo will be harmonious to the eye, not drawing attention where it shouldn’t.

Most importantly, take 2 seconds to check yourself before the shutter snaps to avoid any embarrassing pics!

Do you have any questions or requests for advice on snapshot snafus?  Send them my way, {} and I’ll solve your dilemma in a future post!

*You may be wondering why I had so much time to read and analyze Traditional Home magazine.  I was waiting for my x-rays to develop at the dentist’s office. No, it’s true, I swear!

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