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December 7, 2010 in Fashion by alliemcc

The Editress is back.

All images this post from the”Work it!” spread, Elle US, (unknown issue, 2010), photos by Ellen von Unwerth

What do you people want from me?!

In an attempt to research and perhaps answer this question, I recently took a close look at the statistics on my site visitors. (For those of you who may not be so web-savvy, this data is generally called “analytics”.  Yes, it’s true, the intertubes are tracking your every move, although your moves are mostly anonymous.)

I was especially interested in the search terms or keywords y’all use to arrive at my site.  Let’s reveal and dissect your obsessions, shall we?

Over all, since my little bloglet was hatched 2 years ago, there have been 33 discrete search terms (according to WordPress, my blog platform) that have welcomed you to Analogue World.

The Top 5 discrete search terms were:

  1. Stuart Haygarth“, 177 pageviews
  2. Lady Gaga teacup outfit“, 170
  3. Kehinde Wiley“, 132
  4. Lady Gaga hair bow,” 129
  5. clothing reconstruction,” 108

So, wow, Lady Gaga shows up twice in the top 5 discrete search terms… obsessed much?

So, then I took a look at aggregate terms, where I added up all the page views that were related to one topic.  Here are the top 6 with over 100 page views each:

  1. “Lady Gaga”, 532 pageviews {… teacup outfit, … hair bow, … bow, … teacup, … bow hair, … tea cup, … costume, … hair bow images}
  2. Capelet“, 206 {… tutorial, how to make …, make a …}
  3. “Clothing reconstruction”, 193 {reconstructed clothing, reconstructed clothes, tutorials}
  4. “Stuart Haygarth“, 177 {no derivative terms}
  5. ‘Kehinde Wiley,” 132 {no derivative terms}
  6. Dior sculpture heels“, 100 {sculpture heels, Dior fertility heels, African goddess fertility heels}

So, clearly you are all seriously obsessed with Lady Gaga.  But you’re also really interested in making a capelet and upcycling clothes, which I respect.  You’ve also got a healthy curiosity about young fine artists, great!  And finally, you are still perplexed or inspired by the “Dior sculpture heels” from the Spring/Summer 2009 collection…

I find this all very interesting, because most of these topics are things I only wrote about once or twice, or merely mentioned in a post, not things I write about frequently.  Admittedly, the early days here were very inconsistent, and I probably cast my blogging net too wide.  Well, it’s certainly fun to see how things have changed and will continue to evolve!

Now the fun part:

I need to know, what topics would you like me to write about in 2011? And what topics would you never like to read about here again?

Leave a comment below, or email me,