5 Fashion Trends That Went Under the Radar This Year

December 29, 2010 in Design, Fashion by alliemcc

Oh yes, friends, it’s a short and sweet end-of-year LIST from Analogue Chic.

In no particular order…

The Marchesa Casati

marchesa casati
I can’t find the original link that introduced me to Casati, but she has since popped up in many places, including The Huffington Post. Lucky girl, her lifetime spanned all of my favorite fashion eras: the late 1800s to the 1950s.  The Marchesa fashion line is allegedly inspired by Casati– rather tame by comparison. The “official” website.


Photo by Marco Fulle
The land of fire and ice, was appropriately, excitingly aflame earlier this year.  Indie fashion babes across the US were inspired, went forth, and sent back their dispatches:  Uniform Project Pilot India Menuez, Smashing Samantha Pleet, and Painfully Hip Amber Mortensen.

Retro Future Outer Space

avedon inspired campaign
OK, this one is perhaps a little bit biased by my delving into the Star Trek original series this year. But whatevs. The ad campaign pictured here was inspired by a Harper’s Bazaar cover for April 1965 by Richard Avedon. The Modcloth blog also had a space-inspired piece. And Elle (US) magazine featured spacey jewelry in the November issue.

Older Women

v magazine #68 ageless. photo will davidson.
These babes were everywhere this year, with Ines de la Fressange reappearing on Paris Fashion Week catwalks, Lauren Hutton everywhere, and the current issue of V Magazine capping things off beautifully.

Hijabi Chic

maysaa fashion
Satired by Turkish designer Erkan Coruh. The continuing (rightfully so) popularity of the circle scarf. The maxi skirt trend. Face it, long flowing layers look good on everyone, and a scarf or hood makes you look dark and mysterious.

Here’s to a dark, mysterious and eccentric 2011.