Who cares what it sounds like!

August 27, 2010 in Design by alliemcc

Just a quickie visual treat for you today: fabulous, fashion-y album art from the 70s.


I’m not a fan of either of these 2 ladies, musically, but damn that is some cool album art!

Yesterday I spent entirely too much time at a new thrift store in Waterbury, CT, the Red, White and Blue Thrift Store, where I found these lovelies.  Allegedly the proceeds benefit Vietnam Veterans, although no specific organization is named in their signage.

It is HUGE, the size of a supermarket, and omg the shoes! and the bags! were probably the best part.  Also the housewares and bric-a-brac.  They seem to do quite a good job of reselling only newish clothes, which is fine for people who shop thrift out of necessity, but disappointing for vintage fans.  But they do have a decent selection of jewelry.  The furniture section was also pretty disappointing. 

There were several cashiers at the front, a handful of employees returning merchandise on the floor, and a gentleman sweeping the floors.  It was very well organized, clean, and well stocked.

Prices are comparable to Goodwill, i.e. more expensive than Salvation Army, and definitely correlated to good vintage and high end brands.  Clothes are organized by type of garment, and then color.  There are daily sales on certain color tags, like Goodwill.

However, it is CASH ONLY.

Open 9-6 daily except Sunday (I think).  In the Colonial Plaza, Thomaston Avenue, Waterbury.  Red, White and Blue is located in the old Railroad Salvage Store, next to Compare grocery store.