Danbury Street Style: Marcus Dairy

March 26, 2010 in Fashion, Personalities by alliemcc


Ohhh, this is like finally catching that elusive, big, beautiful fish after trying, season after season…

Introducing Faith, server extraordinaire of Marcus Dairy.

I saw Faith in this very uniform the first time I went to Marcus Dairy, last year, and of course I didn’t have my camera, and I wasn’t even sitting in her section, but I vowed I would document her style for Danbury fashion posterity.

Today, I was finally successful.

I just adore her fantastic (she called it ‘cheerful’–indeed!) plaid bowtie, and coordinating red apron.  I noticed she also always has this sparkly, dangly pin on her collar.

I have several of just this type of apron in offwhite, that belonged to my great-grandmother, I guess from her days of operating the family hotdog stand/diner.

And of course, I didn’t have my camera, so these are phone-photos that are not doing her justice.  But Faith was so charming, and gracious in letting me take her picture.  And she told me about her mother, who ran a farm stand, but was a bit of a fashionista, and was a pioneer of mismatched, multicolor accessories.

Yes, there is a story there, and hopefully Faith will call me so I can give you a full report.