Best Dressed of the Mayor’s Ball

February 3, 2010 in Fashion, Personalities by alliemcc

The social event of the year for Danbury took place this past Saturday night, the annual Mayor’s Ball.  Politics aside, I was not in a position to shell out $100 (the reduced price, allegedly to allow more people to attend) for a ticket, plus an outfit and hair (yes, the ball is a charity benefit).  But, I’m still more than ready to share with you my evaluation of the best and worse dressed.

You know it’s going to be rough when the entertainment is dressed better than the people who paid to get in… Lovely singers.

Since I have a fairly good understanding and empathy for women’s psychology, the psychology of aging, the crack photography skills of our local newspaper, and the shopping scene around here, I am deliberately going to refrain from any in-depth commentary on what is wrong with the following photos.  Suffice it to say, if your photo is in this next montage, please contact me before your next social event– we need to talk.  That includes you, 1st Lady of Danbury. I’m serious: allie at analoguechic dot com.

My negative critiques:

  • No black velvet, long sleeves, or neck ruffles if you’re under 70.  And probably not then either.
  • No blunt-cut bangs without irony.
  • No hairstyles noticeably older than your oldest child. The 80s are back, but not in the world of hair.
  • No tanning beds or spray tan, ever.
  • No all over glitter, unless you’re competing for Miss Gay America.
  • Animal prints and floral prints do not belong on the same piece of fabric. See here.
  • No low cut or halter dresses for the well-endowed.
  • Pay for an updo, or make friends with your curling iron or curlers – do something different with your hair than what you do Mon-Fri!
  • No all over fringe or ruffles for plus sizes.
  • One embellishment is enough – lace + beading or glitter = run away!
  • No shiny fabric in bright colors, and no shiny fabric in any color unless you have a perfect body, or a merry widow.
  • No brocade two-piece suits.
  • Take it to a tailor. Always.
  • For most people, Coco Chanel was right: "Always take off the last piece of jewelry you put on." (paraphrased)
  • Don’t wear a watch to a party.

And now for the good news:

I think I like this dress – too bad there’s no full body shot. It’s a bit bold, but she definitely put some thought into it, and I think she has the personality to pull it off.

This is lovely, great color choice, and unique style among a sea of black matronly velvet. Could use some bust support.

I wish I could see more of this dress, it looks like there’s some interesting draping going on. From the waist up, it’s a good choice. Try an updo next time.

Lovely! These two remind me of Molly Shannon and Shirley Henderson in Marie Antoinette. What are they gossiping about?…

Another beauty in black. Definitely the most chic person in the News Times photos. Simple dress, simple classy hair, understated jewelry, amazing pale skin. Very French. Perfect.

And people actually danced! I like this dress, it would be awesome for a wedding, it’s very Sex in the City.  I would have preferred an updo here also.

Good choices, very elegant and understated.

Adorable. Both.

Adorable. Both.

Best dressed gentleman:

Best dressed penguin! Thank you for the flash of color and personality amongst all the other rented tuxes…

Now, for the top 3 best dressed ladies:

Winner of best joie de vivre and most unique.

Best trendy choice. I’m a sucker for plaid and black and white. Great silhouette, good use of accessories, although I still prefer a longer length for winter formals – I’m old school like that.

Overall Winner: excellent color choice, unique sophisticated style, beautiful design, great dancing!

Here are my two winners together, cutting loose.

So, just call me Ms. Blackwell.  It was a real mixed bag, as is the city itself.  Prom for grown ups.  Generally, I would expect better from people who live a mere hour and a half from NYC.  Contact me, people, before the next charity gala or the Film Festival – don’t be on my next wall of shame!

All photos this post (c) The News-Times and the respective photographers.  I have taken the liberty to crop some photos to protect the innocent, but no other alterations were made.

And of course, all opinions expressed are my own, take it or leave it, and have nothing to do with The News-Times.