What I wore today

November 2, 2009 in Uncategorized by alliemcc

Advisory: This is not a cry for pity or compliments. Just observation.

Normally, I am quite impervious to the public’s reactions to how I dress, positive or negative.  Obviously, it does give me some pleasure when someone appreciates an outfit that I’ve put some thought into.  But I really make it a point to let negative commentary just roll off me.

This morning, I was walking to the library and stepped in front of a couple of young girls going the same direction.  I couldn’t help but overhear the girl who was talking interrupt herself to make a comment on my outfit, something like, "What the heck is that?!"  And then again, as we got closer to the library entrance, she interrupted herself to say something like, "I really don’t understand what that chick is wearing.   And it’s kind of obnoxious."

This is what I was wearing:


…Plus a scarf and some big sunglasses.

The look:

  1. cap sleeve jacket from Forever 21
  2. long sleeve cotton tee from a discount store
  3. men’s chinos from a thrift store
  4. Naturalizer flats


Controversial?  Unnatural?  Theatrical?

Definitely a little advanced, style-wise, for western Connecticut, but not any of the above, so I thought.

My critic did not appear to be a spectacular dresser, at least not that I noticed from her parka.  I was irritated, but approached the situation with logic, and emerged determined not to care.

However, I have been replaying the scene in my head all day, truly bothered– enough to blog about it.  I’m kind of ashamed that it did bother me this much, that I’m actually dissecting and trying to justify my style choices.  And of course, belatedly trying to compose subtle, demeaning comebacks like, "Ooh, I love your parka!"  I even went back through 4 months of archived posts on The Sartorialist for moral support.

I’ll definitely get over it.

If you would also like to critique my outfit, please do so in the comments.